DAVI is the largest plate and angle roll manufacturer in the world, producing more machines, the largest sales volume with the largest number of employees in the industry. The company assets and equities have garnered the Dun&Bradstreet's "Most Reliable Rating 1" honor.

A leader in Research, Development, and Innovation, DAVI owns several Patents to lead the rolling industry.

Offering plate and angle roll machines engineered with the highest technology available to the worldwide market, Davi is proud to say they are completely "Made in Italy".

DAVI is the largest seller of "giant rolls" to manufacturers of heavy-duty pressure vessels, boilers, and energy applications in the nuclear, oil and gas sectors. These machines are designed to roll plates with thicknesses between 45mm up to 400mm or more.

For lighter applications, Davi four roll plate rolls with CNC controls are the leader in the industry; NASA Space Agency gave its “Appreciation Award” to DAVI, using laser-controlled Davi rolls, in their Research Centers.

Davi builds plate and angle rolls for any customer application

requirement. Upon request, their technical department can design a machine for any application. Davi has the technical, design and production expertise to cope with any bending or rolling application.

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