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DO 120/200-24M
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Scotchman Industries’ line of Dual Operator Ironworkers allows two operators to perform two different fabricating functions simultaneously. Offering several American-made Dual Operator Models ranging from 70 to 150 tons of punching power, these ironworkers feature a Tool Table Design compatible with a wide variety of optional tools giving the Scotchman line of Dual Operator Ironworker Machines more versatility and flexibility than any other ironworker machine on the market. Two main features that set Scotchman’s Dual Operator Ironworkers apart from others are: 1. On all non-Scotchman dual operator models, the punch station must be used as one of the two functions. On the Scotchman, the punch can be used as one if needed, but it is not required. 2. The Scotchman dual operators are designed with a hydraulic system that has two pumps to ensure full hydraulic pressure and full speed when two functions are running at full capacity. The Scotchman DO 120/200/24M dual operator ironworker has four built-in features that include a 120-ton punch (1-1/2” in 1"), a 6” x 6” x 1/2" angle shear, a 24” plate shear (1” x 12”, 1/2” x 24”) and a rectangle notcher. Combining these features with the large tool table for a quick change of optional tooling plus Scotchman’s best in the business, 3-year parts warranty makes DO 120/200/24M an industry leader.

Tonnage120 T
Angle (L1)6"
Angle (L2)6"
Angle (T)0.5"
Power10 hp

STANDARD FEATURES - Dual Operator allows for Two Operators to Work at the Same Time at Full Capacity - 120 Ton Punch Station (1-1/2" in 1") - Keyed Punch Ram for Safety - 12" Throat Depth - Punch Gauging Table with Fence and Scale - Die Holder Complete with 2" Die Insert - Punch Nut with Wrench & Stripper - Adjustable Swing-Away Stripper - One Round Punch & Die: Max. Dia. 1-1/4" - Punch Jog Control - Two Adjustable Electric Stroke Controls with Scale - Two Electric Remote Foot Pedals - Two 2-Stage Hydraulic Pumps - Two Valves - Angle Shear Capacity 6" x 6" x 1/2" at 90° - Rectangle Notcher 3" x 5-3/4" x 1/2" - Notcher Table with Guides - 200 Ton, 24" Flat Bar Shear with Sabre Blade (1" x 12", 1/2" x 24") - Shear Table with Miter Fence - Tool Table Work Area - Slug Receptacles - Electrical Box Supplied with Emergency Palm Button and Lock-out Tag-out Accommodations - 230/460 Volt /3 Phase Electrics (must specify voltage) - All Guards Necessary to Comply with ANSI B 11-5 Standards - Forklift Accommodations - Warranty: Three Years on Parts - Made in USA - Dual Operator, 5 Stations

Dual Operator - DO 120/200-24M

Dual Operator - DO 120/200-24M