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GEKA Bendicrop Ironworkers | Cascade Capital Machine
Bendicrop Series, the only ironworkers that incorporate a bending station. The BENDICROP models have the same work stations as the HYDRACROP, but these machines also have a permanent bending stati...
GEKA CNC Ironworkers | Cascade Capital Machine
Since 1919, The GEKA Group has been manufacturing ironworkers for angle, plates, and profiles - for structural steel, plate fabrication, metal workshops, metal constructions, telecommunication, ele...
GEKA Hydracrop Ironworkers | Cascade Capital Machine
The Hydracrop Series are hydraulic ironworkers, of a higher capacity than the Bendicrop, for cutting and transforming all types of profiles and steel bars as well as installing small dies.
GEKA Micro/Mini/Multicrop Ironworkers | Cascade Capital Machine
Microcrop, universal one-cylinder ironworker with three work areas. Punching equipment from ø 1 7/16x5/16" thickness, with blades for cutting with minimum deformation, rectangular notching and elec...