Dropping by our customers' shops and see how our machines are doing, how customers are working with the products we sell and service is an important way we spend our time at Cascade. Customer visits keep us connected to where the activity really happens: the local machine shop. Understanding the needs and challenges of our customers is the root of everything we do at the dealership and we never want to be without that hands-on knowledge.

Last week Gabby was up in the Okanagan and came across this gem at Donalds Machine Works in Vernon. Dating somewhere around 1976 or 1977, this is the 12th shear ever made and is the original design for the Accurshear. This design was only in production for about two years and after that, there were a number of changes and refinements that have continued to the current models you see today.

The Accurshear is the #1 sought after shear in North America and is built on a strong history. These machines have come a long way design-wise, but have been awesome since day one. Take this old boy for example: Not only can it boast being one of a few original shears ever made, it is also still shearing plate and going strong after 40 years!

That's what you get when you buy good equipment.